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Wooden Sculpture that can be sent in the post.

A Finnish design company, Lovi produce wooden decorative pieces, which are both stylish and minimalist in appearance and make perfect gifts.

Lovi designs are based on a patented joint system which creates visually sophisticated and enchanting 3 dimensional objects. The products are made in Finland mainly of high quality, sustainable birch plywood. . These pieces come as postcard-like packages that include pre-cut pieces. The final three dimensional shapes of the products are easily assembled at home without any special tools. The smallest items are envelope sized and easy to send, making these both beautiful and practical gifts.

To prevent climate change, Lovi participates in a planting campaign. In the last two years, they have funded the replanting of 3000 trees in Finland.

Lovi products include the heart, reindeer, angel, bluebird, ball and deer.


Our Autumn Show continues at our Hexham Gallery. Artists featured are Lisa Delarny, Billy Childish, Chris Jones and Alexander Shibniov.

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Date Added: 04/01/2017


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