Alexander Shibniov
34.00 x 28.00
  • 34cm x 28cm
  • Tempera on Board

Alexander Shibniov was born on January 2, 1962, in Minsk, Belarus, into the fourth generation of a family of artists. The founder of his family’s dynasty was his great-grandfather Damian Shibnyov (1881-1930), who had graduated from the Imperial Academy of Arts in Petersburg in 1910.

Alexander began drawing in childhood, inspired by his great-grandfather’s work. ‘I had an unexplainable feeling of joy or delight, as well as that of quiet, calm and peace looking at these studies and sketches, quite small in their dimensions but performed with such a mastery and love that they fascinated me.’

In 1977, Alexander entered the Minsk Art School, where he studied academic painting and drawing as well as decorative and applied art. After graduating and delivering two years of service in the army, he worked for more than ten years in the workshops of Minsk Art and Production Complex on the interior decoration of public and educational buildings, before working as a fine artist.

Recently, Alexander has been painting onto wood: ‘I was always interested in the works of the ancient masters, who had painted onto wooden plates. Wood attracts me as a special natural material, which keeps the warmth of life passed.’ He describes his artistic intentions with passion: ‘The main thing for me is to express the state of spiritual harmony of a human being. I would like my works to convey an impression of quiet and calmness.’

Alexander Shibniov’s global reputation continues to expand. Widely exhibited around Belarus, his masterly, understated work is frequently shown in Austria, Germany, Geneva, Germany and France, the Netherlands and now, increasingly, the UK.


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