Charging Minotaur

Antonio Lopez Reche
20.00 x 45.00

Bronze Sculpture. 1/3

Antonio Lopez Reche was born in 1966 in Barcelona, Spain. He attended the Fine Arts Faculty at the University of Barcelona and served as a postgraduate teaching assistant there. In 1994 he received the Erasmus Grant from the European Commission to study at St Martin’s School of Art and Design, London Institute. He has exhibited in Barcelona, London, Vienna, Cambridge, and Newlyn, UK, and Greenport, NY. Public commissions include one at Canary Wharf and his work is in a number of private collections in Spain, England and the United States.

Antonio draws inspiration from Greek mythology and folk tales. His work is often concerned with themes such as internal conflict, strength, and man's search for knowledge.

The bronze casting techniques Antonio uses involve complex and laborious processes. For example, the lost wax process he utilises involves different stages and requires expert hands to achieve good results and describes the complex process here: ‘Despite my experience, I still can't guarantee exact reproduction of patinas within an edition. Factors like the thickness of the bronze affecting the way  heat is held by the metal, the quality of the chemical crystals and the strength of the solution amongst others make exact reproduction almost impossible.


We are delighted that our first show of 2015 is led by top sculptor, Simon Griffiths. You are warmly invited along to the Preview Weekend, with complimentary wine, on 10th January, 10-5 and 11th January, 11-4.

As a child, sculptor Simon Griffiths spent as much time as possible in the woods near his home, exploring and drawing the animals and birds that lived there. He later spent years experimenting with different materials and studying the work of other sculptors. Simon’s work is heavily influenced by the North Pennine wildlife and countryside where he … read more

Date Added: 07/01/2015


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