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Clare Gage
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Porcelain Heart Decorations. These decorations have the signature textile texture of Clare Gage's ceramics. The message goes on the back of the heart and the textile texture is on the front making the hearts attractive from both sides.

Ideal for wedding favours, to commemorate a new baby, a small thank you gift or whatever you can think of!

Comes in a bespoke Clare Gage box making it a perfect gift.

Cute decorations which can be used around the home.


Clare Gage's elegant collection of tableware is an intimate fusion of hand-crafted textiles and delicate porcelain. Every piece is carefully formed from hand woven fabrics, transformed into individual moulds and created in porcelain. Each item is a modern day treasure: eclectic, individual and yet completely functional.

This is how Clare describes the making of her beautiful porcelain cups: ‘I enjoy making functional pieces and feel that cups have a special quality as the enjoyment of a drink from a good cup is a simple pleasure that I really appreciate. ‘The cups work together as a collection but show variety and individuality. By experimenting with lots of different design ideas I was able to find the most effective ones and also create an exciting collection of individual cups. I transferred the textiles texture of both weave and knit onto the range of cups and explored construction techniques with consideration of how I would make the cups if I were working in textiles. The seams where the pieces of clay join became a feature and brought in embroidery techniques through the stitches used.’

These delicate, white cups are all hand built in porcelain. Clare was awarded the 2007 Design Directions: Ceramic Futures Award and is a fellow of the Royal Society of Art.


Our Autumn Show continues at our Hexham Gallery. Artists featured are Lisa Delarny, Billy Childish, Chris Jones and Alexander Shibniov.

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Date Added: 04/01/2017


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