Tall Cup

Armin Skirde
0.00 x 0.00

Wood turned partially glazed, sandstone textured pottery

Armin Skirde was born in Wurzburg, Germany, in 1958. He graduated from university with a degree in Ceramics in 1984. Prior to becoming an independent original ceramicist, Armin Skirde worked within industry as a professional ceramicist for various companies, before setting up his own workshop in 1994.

All of Armin’s pieces are handmade originals, crafted traditionally on a potter’s wheel. Many of them feature figures reminiscent of prehistoric cave drawings. All are beautifully crafted. Many feature rough, pale terracotta tones, contrasting with pale cream slip. This is how Armin Skirde himself describes his collectable artworks: ‘My focus is on stoneware dishes and the lines, fragments and dots that recall prehistoric paintings. I enjoy playing around with simple, natural forms in my ceramics. The earthy, rough tones of my pieces give them their distinctive character.’


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Date Added: 03/11/2021


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