Two Horses Bowl Small

Lilia Umana-Clarke
16.00 x 12.00

Ceramic Stoneware. Hand-built ceramic fired to 1200 degrees. Distinctive colour created by a combination of oxides and dry glazes

Lilia Umana-Clarke was born in Colombia and trained there as an architect, before coming to England and studying Art at the University of Westminster. She frequently sculpts human figures and animals, favouring horses, hares and cats. The texture of these figures is often sandy and grainy and their colours are also reminiscent of the beach – sea blues and greens, granite greys and the ivories of shell and worn bone. Early South American civilisations inspire her work.

There is a tenderness to many of the coupled figures in particular – as the heads of humans and of hares often touch slightly. This gentle, subtly romantic approach is taken a stage further in pieces such as Two Hares Vase, where the rim of the vase has a suggestion of a heart to its rim.

Lilia Umana-Clarke’s sculptures are very distinctive, with their sloping curves and natural colours, yet each piece is totally individual and lovingly created.


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Date Added: 03/11/2021


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