Studs (Triangular/Riveted)

Moxom and Simm
1.80 x 1.80
  • Titanium jewellery
  • Silver plated for added durability
  • Components Sterling Silver
  • 1.8cm Wide
  • 1.8cm Height
  • Can be worn day or night



Moxon and Simm create superb handmade jewellery in a variety of colours, crafted from titanium, silver and gold, created by Debby Moxon and Ian Simm. Debby and Ian trained at Sheffield, achieving Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in 3D Design (Silversmithing and Jewellery).

Titanium is permanently coloured by a highly-skilled process of heating and anodising. Each luxury piece is unique, made by hand from design to finish, so production is limited. Moxon and Simm’s jewellery is delicately and deliciously coloured and patterned. Titanium is a hardwearing as well as luxurious medium.

Debby Moxon has developed her techniques for heat colouring titanium over the last 25 years. This process has evolved through the exploration of various methods of texturing on, and interference with, the surface of this fascinating, unusual metal. A degree of chance is integral to the colouring process, so each piece must be carefully considered. Ian Simm's technical knowledge and his expertise in precision cutting make possible a level of excellence for which they are known. Debby has been awarded funding from the Arts Council to assist her in exploring and developing the heat colouring of titanium.

Moxon and Simm jewellery is available at select, high quality galleries and craft shops only.



Balman Gallery now operates primarily as a web based site. We are grateful, however, to have some work on display at the Hancock Gallery in Newcastle. See their website for more details of their current exhibitions or contact us for details of our current work on display there. 

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Date Added: 03/11/2021


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