Gavin Penn
40.00 x 40.00
  • Limited edition print of 150
  • 40cm x 40cm
  • framed

Gavin Penn graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2000. His early work focused on capturing the atmosphere of the highs and lows of the North East’s football supporters, depicting the crowds outside the stadiums, to much press coverage and acclaim. Two of his paintings are displayed in Sunderland's Stadium of Light. In the following years, Gavin produced large scale murals, in stately homes across Yorkshire and the North East. 

Gavin is best known for his paintings of ballerinas - a series which he painted for five years. These paintings, sold both nationally and internationally, and were shown in The Mall Galleries London and the Scottish National Gallery in Edinburgh. A number of these paintings were published and were sold as prints in John Lewis stores, Next and other retailers nationwide, Gavin’s ballerina paintings have been hugely collected and are in a number of private collections across the world. In recent years Gavin took a departure from painting ballerinas, to work for a company producing concept art, for computer games for the San Francisco games convention, working alongside companies such as Microsoft and Sony. Following this timeb Gavin was able to focus on his creativity. This can be seen in his return to traditional art in his recent paintings from travels to India depicting the people there, capturing the colours and expressions.


Balman Gallery now operates primarily as a web based site. We are grateful, however, to have some work on display at the Hancock Gallery in Newcastle. See their website for more details of their current exhibitions or contact us for details of our current work on display there. 

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