Slinging in the Pantry

Call for Price
Tom McGuinness
48.00 x 60.00
  • Signed in pencil and dated 1978
  • Inscribed and numbered 4/100
  • Lithograph
  • 60cm x 48cm
  • Framed 

Tom McGauinness was a British coal miner and artist. He was a Bevin Boy during World War II, and subsequently studied at the Darlington School of Art, and was one of the artists at the Spennymoor Settlement, where his contemporaries include other highly collected and regarded local artists such as Robert Heslop, Norman Cornish to name a few. He was born in 1926 and died in 2006. Since dying his work has become highly collected both locally and nationally. His work has been speculated to be shown in trade union offices that havev a link to the collieries. Which Tom took alot of inspiration from. 




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